I have a few dreams and goals that I promised myself I would fulfill at any cost. One of them includes seeing Florence + the Machine live. What an inspiration, this woman!

And the heart is hard to translate
It has a language of its own
It talks in tongues and quiet sighs,
And prayers and proclamations
In the grand days of great men and the smallest of gestures
And short shallow gasps

But with all my education I can’t seem to command it
And the words are all escaping, and coming back all damaged
And I would put them back in poetry if I only knew how
I can’t seem to understand it

And I would give all this and heaven too
I would give it all if only for a moment
That I could just understand the meaning of the word you see
‘Cause I’ve been scrawling it forever
but it never makes sense to me at all


  1. blank-slate said: I have seen her live. She will not disappoint. I hope you fulfill your dream soon. :)
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